I recently read an article by Isabelle Kerr, which was very ironically entitled “Twerking, selfie and unlike? Young people don’t speak like that – I should know”. I agree with Kerr, being a proud 20-year old who is part of the younger generation she so profusely despises, she should know. Why then, in her article, […]

Homosexuality, the sexual attraction to, or sexual relations with, members of the same-sex. Homophobia, the fear of or apprehension about homosexuality. In modern-day society, these two words, unfortunately, come hand in hand with each other for a really hateful and nasty reason. Today’s society has become a much safer place for the LGBT community to […]

The time is 18:15 and you’re on the way out of the house. The first thing you see is a lengthy corridor which goes to an elevator that takes ages to get to your floor, then you go down to the ground floor where you come out to street level. You come out to the pavement which […]

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. – Atticus Finch (Chapter 3, Page 39) This quote provides the backbone of Atticus’s philosophy in that nobody should be judged until somebody looks from their […]

Joe calls his book “Touching the void”. How does he present the sense of danger and his effects on the climbers?. – “I felt sure that we were close to the end of the difficulties on the ridge” This use of premonition which means an early sign warning of future events shows the sense of […]

Page 58: Premonition –  an early warning of future events to come “As I  climbed up to rejoin his tracks it occurred to me that I had felt a moment of anxiety only minutes before Simon had fallen” Joe’s anxiety symbolizes the idea that he was nervous about Simon falling to the point where he […]

I believe with the added material I have created for the costume and set, along with the developments from my fellow group members, I believe that the performance becomes more enjoyable to watch because the costume and set are now adapted more to the piece of drama. The added symbolism also makes the audience think […]

Ideas for development:   Set Design: Version 1 Set Design (GCSE) For my original set design, I wanted to incorporate the original improvised rehearsal set design but add another layer of having the audience look at the performance from both the front and sides of the stage. I decided on this because the whole performance […]